Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kathleen Marie's Wonderful Wonderland

Dear Friends,

I have been sorting out the projects for this new year.. The top of my list is to release a seriously limited edition of Alice in Wonderland Porcelain Dolls. They are all One of a Kind, based on the characters in the Lewis Carroll book. Being of a somewhat dark(er) nature.. they all have a bit of darkness surrounding them, which only means more gravity and meaningfullness...

I have some sketches here, for somewhat of a 'movie trailer' type preview. The dolls are 18" tall, porcelain hands, feet and head/chest plates with cloth bodies and armatures.
All Dolls are vintage, and have been reworked by me..

((I am looking for a teacher in porcelain doll making/mold making in the NYC area, if anyone can recommend someone?))

This is my first serious venture into doll work, and I am excruciatingly excited and excruciatingly shy about it simultaneously! I don't want to give too much away.

I think these lovelies will live at HerDark Heart.com, which will become another online store for my doll work. I don't think they will fit in with my 18th century wigs and Accoutrements at Antoinette's Atelier...

on to the Sketches (and they are quick ones, at that!)..

Late Late Evening For Me...
K. Marie

ps. I have started collecting ornate vintage teacups and am dying for a Wallace Baroque tea set ( pre-1940) ( Or the most ornate Tea Service I can find..).. Perhaps being in 'Wonderland' is rubbing off? :)

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  1. Beautiful! A much needed addition to this world, I can not wait to see the dolls themselves, I look forward to tea with them in the next year. :)