Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HerDarkHeart.com is up, One of a Kind Porcelain Dolls are now for sale!

Dear Friends,

Please visit HerDarkHeart.com
to see the dolls I have been working on! They are now up for sale.

I have just listed these two, Chantilly and Orson.

They had their photoshoot together last night, when Orson arrived from

A Huge thank you to Teddy Bear Artist Michelle Mutschler for making Orson as special as he is!

Rumour has it I am moving.. and it is probably true....

So if I get REALLY far behind here, I am moving into a lovely Victorian House (finally
out of NYC and all the cramped apartments!)
and setting up my studio again.

I will let you all know for sure.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Chantilly and Orson, New Dolls (Almost)released at HerDarkHeart.com!

Dear Friends,

I apologize for such a lag in correspondence. I have been painting, and
slowly gathering momentum for new projects.

I have finished a new wig style that is available in Antoinette's Atelier,
and I am slowly launching my collection of little
Gothy Victorian Porcelain Dolls that are all One of a Kind and Hand Painted.

Please seeHerDarkHeart.com for
all announcements and the link to the store.

I would like to share a sneak preview of Chantilly, who will be released within the next 2 weeks. I have decided on a companion for her, and found the work of
Michelle Mutschler,
who has been a teddy bear artist for 19 years ( and is self taught, like the rest and best of us!). Her and I will be working together in the future for more custom companions,lovely little bears and dolls!

"Orson" will be Chantilly's new best friend through out the world and here are some little sneak pics of them both!



PS. I am MOVING into a beautiful Victorian Home in upstate NY in the next 2 months...
Please support my studio moving sale!

Please pardon my updates if they don't happen... It's for the greater good!