Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tea and Strumpets.. New art from Kathleen Marie!

Dear Friends, Blissfully (and rather furiously), I am getting all the paintings and prints ready for my gallery exhibit! I am one of those people that gets an incredible amount of work done under pressure. Inspired by Victorian Morals, French Poetry, and Pop Culture Fashion.. These lovely ladies are waiting for their frames..: I am so thrilled to announce a solo exhibit of my work in upstate NY..!! Please join me if you will be in the area.. Opening Reception, Saturday November 19, 2011 6-10 pm Artist will be in attendance, refreshments will be served. Darkside Records and Gallery 782 Main St. Poughkeepsie NY 12601 (845) 452-8010 Here is the announcement! www.DarksideRecordsandGallery.com I will be doing some limited edition fine art prints from these original paintings, so stay posted. ( or better yet, join my mailing list.. hint hint! ( here)!) Thank you for your continued support xoxoox Kathleen Marie

Friday, November 4, 2011

NYC Comic Con 2011

Dear Friends, In the eve of a nearing mini art show of my illustrations and paintings, I had the sublime pleasure of meeting one of my artistic Heroines; Olivia de Berardinis. Me( left) and Olivia (right)
I never had any formal drawing classes, ( until college!) but taught myself from 2 figure drawing books my Mom bought me at Michaels arts and crafts. Those books were excepts from Andrew Loomis' famous Figure Drawing book(s).In high school I spent most of my time drawing elaborately costumed people, and situations. I will always consider it my first love....

Growing up in the 90's, Olivia's Bettie Page illustrations were gorgeous, and elusive! I remember seeing them at alternative record stores and boutiques around the west coast. My complaint.. they were so SMALL. Only greeting card size...I wanted a full poster!
I received one of her first books, "Let them eat Cheesecake" as a gift. It has served as my biblical reference for fantastical figurative drawing, along with books by Andrew Loomis. Both are masters of the female form, and represent an unparelled reality that is more beautiful than anything you can imagine. I adore how both these artists have an intuitive sense of beauty, grace, and harmony that is absolutely flawless. They exaggerate reality, and make it even more beautiful and sublime/

NYC has Comic Con every year.. this is first year I have gone. I had a lovely time! I even bought the re-issued "Drawing the head and Hands" by Loomis, and ( of course) Olivia's new book "Malibu Cheesecake" as souvenirs! I've enclosed some highlights...Keep in mind, I don't watch TV, so some of this is totally alien to me. #1- The best couple is: This sweet girl and her Prince Charming. They were so cute.
#2- The Haz Mat team. Pretty awesome to see this. They look serious. Seriously.
#3-Just Dance. There were a few of these sound stages. And all sorts of folks dancing on them whilst watching a screen that tells you what to do. ( like simon says, sort of.) It made me laugh hysterically! I saw the Joker bust a MC Hammer move, which blew my mind. Thank you Thank you Thank you Mr. Inventor of this. I couldn't stop smiling. Everyone was having a great time making an ass out of themselves. ( ps Alice-in-Wonderland-blue-long-dress girl did a fab job too!)
#4 WTF. Not sure. Creepy. Gargantuan yellow inflatable with no pupils. Wierd 2 year old toddler in a bunny suit with fangs bursting out of it's head ala Alien style. Strange unicorn shape morphing out of its side. Really really wierd. And a large line waiting for it, by it, near it....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interview with Kathleen Marie Couture

Dear Friends, I thought you might enjoy this... A few weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to be a featured artist
at Art Alive Astoria. ( in Astoria Queens, NYC).

I had a lovely lovely time..

Here's a link to one of the interviews I granted that evening..
k a t h l e e n m a r i e !

Sublime Fanciness Prevails!
Kathleen Marie

Monday, October 3, 2011

Couture Fashion Portraits.. Second Set Available!

Dear Friends... The Second and final set of the "Beautiful and Damned Collection is available now.. For a limited time, purchase 4 prints and get the 5th print free!! CLICK HERE FOR PRINTS!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

18th Century Wig : La Du Barry!

Dear Friends,
Announcing a new wig style, just in time for Halloween!! 'La Du Barry', named for the King's Favourite Mistress.... Featuring a sky high pompadour, 3 side rolled curls, and a long feminine barrel curled back. Available in black, white/ivory, and auburn. Powdered or unpowdered!
Available HERE! Thee black modelle shown is in stock now! Hurry before someone else snaches it up! ( I can add powder to it if you wish for an additional fee). Vive Le Reine!

Kathleen Marie

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Couture Portraiture: New Fashion Art Prints available...

Dear Friends, Available now! I have just released the first set of prints made from my photographic endeavours! All the Aristocratic Apocalypse you can handle!
Click HERE to see them! For a limited time only, buy 4 and get the 5th free.. Ciao For Now, KM

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kathleen Marie Couture Featured in Gothic Beauty Magazine #34!

Dear Friends,

I was recently interviewed by Gothic Beauty magazine...It is now available for
pre-order here... GOTHIC BEAUTY.
In the interview I discuss my personal creative process, who my 'muses' are,
what it's like to work with international model and actress Aprella, alternative fashion and style 'before' Tim Burton, and who I am dying to work with in the future..

Plus there should be a beautiful pictorial editorial!!



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fragonard at the Frick Collection!

Dear Friends,

I had the the lovely opportunity to visit the Frick museum last week for their
"Summer Night" event. Despite the fact that it was a sweltering 100 degrees
in NYC, I ventured into to Manhattan this special event.

From 6-9, the museum was open after hours, included dance performances, lectures, and plein air ( almost, in the fountain garden atrium) sketching!. Their new installation of Turkish inspired objets d'arte from
the court of Marie Antoinette was also a major factor of my sojurn down to all the delightfulness.

The Frick collection is housed in Mr Frick's NYC mansion , on east 70th and Madison. Located right on Central park, It was the great industrialist Henry Clay Frick's Manhattan maison.
As with many museums, photography, even without a flash, is strictly prohibited.
( which I learned quickly!)

Th highlight of the entire event, to my surprise, was not the "Turkish Tastes in the Court of Marie Antoinette" collection ( which was rather small, and consisted of painted armoire? doors belonging to Louis the xvi's brother Comte d' Artois,
and brass/ gold camel statues which once flanked Marie Antoinette's fireplace at Fountainbleu.

The highlight , beyond measure! was 4 things.

1- The Fragonard Room.

Ladies and Gents, really? Really? Really!!

Sublimely beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. Rococo grandeur at it's Absolute Best.
There are 4-6 HUGE oil painted panels, painted for Louis the vx's mistress Madame
Du Barry.
Enormous I say! One panel must have been 9 feet x 5 feet.
These panels cover the entire walls of this room.

I honestly wondered if these were original Fragonards'. I expected his work to be
smaller in scale, and in pastel...? I researched later, and yes, Friends...
They are orginal. Mr. Frick acquired these shortly before he died.
What a Gentleman, With What Taste!!

2- The Boucher Room

Painted a lovely tint of pale grayish blue-green, this room is also
resplendant in Rococo Majesty. Next time I go, I am bringing my Pantone colour
swatch book to match the walls. It's such an interesting wall colour choice.
Mrs. Frick originally had the Boucher panels in her 2nd floor sitting room. What a lucky lady!

The dining room the with HUGE Gainsborough portraits.

Again, these portraits must be 9 feet tall at least.
They are unbelievably stunning.
My favourite was: The Honorable Frances Duncombe (blue dress)
( ** please note, on the Frick website, the honorable Frances Dracombe gainsborough
portrait is in the oval room. The second portrait, "Grace Dalrymple Elliott", is
not so large, but one of my personal favourites. She resides currently in the dining room)

4- An unexpected highlight.. The Rembrandt Self Portrait.

It is about 3.5 feet by 4.5 feet ( nice large scale!)
Although I have studied Rembrandt in several Art History classes, his work never
'called' to me. And probably because I was a-memorizing slides, b-looking at reproductions of his paintings in text books.

Your Art History teacher is not kidding when they say he was a MASTER.
Rembrandt's eyes had a depth of "life" I have NEVER seen in a painting.
( let alone rare in real life.. they were twinkling!)
His colours are extraordinairly profound. Yes, profound.
I read about a lost medium of the old masters Maroger tried his whole life to find
(hence "Maroger" medium). Looking at an original Rembrandt, I completely understand why.
Gorgeous and Substantial in an Ethereal Manner.

Most likely I will join the Frick Collective and become a Member, or Fellow...!
It is such a magical, beautiful place. I am for SURE going back when I have a bit more time.
I am so grateful I live close to the wealth of true art and culture that reside in NYC.

Please visit The Frick Collection for more information
regarding the paintings and history of a great man and his sublime art collection!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fascinators! New Vintage Style Cocktail Hats with Veiling. Available NOW!

The lovely purple and burgundy "Le Ange Violet" Fascinator.

Chartreuse Cashmere and Plaid Fascinator with Corset Detail,
"Charlotte Sometimes".

Dear Friends,

In a creative vacation, I indulged in the art of making some vintage style
fascinators! I thought it would be a nice way to use some small pieces of some
of the gorgeous textile remnants I have accumulated over the years...

All of these little cocktail hats have the birdcage or russian veiling.
Some veiling is vintage where noted. ALL of these little perched pretties are
ONE OF A KIND! Hurry and grab 'em, they are unique in all the world!

'La Parisienne' Black tulle, metallic heavy lame, and petticoats!!

Of course I should mention the lovely dress pictured above also..
"La Parisienne" is a 1950's style black lame ( this is the vintage heavy quality, not the flimsy Halloween variety!!) and tulle gown.
It has a fully boned bodice, built in net petticoat and is hemmed for horsehair.
The tulle overskirt is removeable, hence more variations on a theme.
Betsey Johnson would LOVE this dress!
'La Parisienne' is one of a kind. please visit HERE for further information,
pricing and sizing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rococo Couture! New! One of A Kind Designer Corset Gowns from Kathleen Marie Couture!

Dear Friends,

I have released 3 new gowns as of late.. All appearing in the Antoinette's Atelier Etsy store..

The Fleur De Lys:

A stunning antique gold damask corset gown with festoons of tulle and velvet ribbons!

The Red Velvet Pouff:

A beautiful corset style gown with bustle back,
made from'taffeta changeant' with hints of plum and dusty pink,
antique red velvet ribbons, and red velvet bow.

The Rococo Pierrot:

Another corset style gown with a tulle bustle back,
made from 'taffeta changeant' with hints of taupe and dusty pink,
antique style black and pink Chantilly lace with a Rococo pattern,
dusty pink ribbons abound the lace up back.

Remember, these corset gowns are all handmade, One Of A Kind, and completely original and unique!
Vive Le Rococo Couture!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Rococo Wig! Spring Cleaning with Kathleen Marie!

Dear Friends,

Every once in a while I put wigs on ebay.. As I clean out the studio, and get stock
ready for fall and Halloween orders...

So, guess what...?

An auction for a "La Devonshire" powdered wig on Ebay!
These normally sell for $399.95, but the auction is started
at less than half that!
The Auction is Here!

Hurry, it's only up for a few more days!
( please note, mini tricorn hat not included, but can be made custom)

Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diary of a Dress..PT 2 Kathleen Marie Couture's John Galliano~Christian Dior Couture Tribute Gown

Dear Friends,

I have tried to document the process of making a masterpiece!
This gown is dedicated to John Galliano and the House of Dior... He was such a huge inspiration to me as an artist and designer.

Inspiration: Dior, my ballet pink portieres from my new studio, Haute Couture
and the grandeur there of...

As seen in the previous post, I sketched a facsimile,
of the silhouette I was hoping to create.
As you can see by the sketch, the gown has a corset style bodice with ornamentation,
full tulle skirt, and sleeves.
I then added miscellanous styling details...
( please refer back if you need to).

Now, On With The Show!!!

Figure 1- Assistants and Support Crew!

You MUST have the right assistants. This is imperative! The have to be loyal, supportive,
sweet, yet independent. Please meet my two assistants. ( who are anxious to get started!)
left- Mr. P right- Princess Lulu

Figure 2- The right materials!

I like to stockpile materials. Like ammo. Its your best weapon against mediocrity.
I find it helps negate that 'contrived' feeling, that you can always pick out in
mass market gowns, and even at NYC fashion week shows!
This is HAUTE COUTURE Hudson Valley Style, so let's Bring It!

1- Vintage French velvet ribbon in red and redder
2- Vintage 'antique satin' in dusty peach pink. These were old 'portieres' ( draperies)
and I washed and distressed the fabric
3-Black medium weight 'siri' woven interfacing. Great for backing and supporting fabrics for more body and strength.
4-White medium/heavy weight 'haroform' woven interfacing. Very stable, sized interfacing. Again, great for structure and support, esp of corset style bodices.
5-Netting. Stiff 'diamond' net. I ended up using an entire ROLL of this for the petticoat, which I pleated.
6- French Alencon Re-Embroidered Lace, re-embroidered and beaded. With a touch of
gorgeous ballet pink to it. For ornamentation

Not pictured- My 3 bolts of tulle for the over skirt, and the dusty pink Bengaline
I used as the petticoat.

Figure 3- Pleats Please.

Pleating the Petticoat. Since I wanted an 18th century pannier style fullness,
I did not place ruffles all around the petticoat. I focused the volume on the sides.

Figure 4- I Stand Alone Amongst My Contemporaries.

Yes, The petticoat has around 50 yards of ruffles. And Yes, It stands up by itself !!!

Coming soon... Part 3 Diary of a Dress with Kathleen Marie Couture!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Diary of a Dress.. Kathleen Marie Couture's John Galliano~Christian Dior Couture Tribute Gown

Dear Friends,

In accordance with John Galliano's departure from French Couture House, Christian Dior,
I have dedicated the gown I was working on at the time to him.

Galliano was SUCH a huge inspiration to me as an artist and designer.His reoccurring French revoutionary themes in his shows, his lavish masterpiece theatre couture theatrics, just marvelousness upon marvelousness!

With the departure of three of the greatest designers in fashion in last few years,
( Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen, and John Galliano)
it really makes one wonder about the next realm? Or if there is even one worth mentioning?

That said, here are the illustrations of my "Le Dior est Morte!Vive Dior!" gown.
I will post pictures of part of the process as well, as it is always so interesting
to see the process of creation.

ps: I recently came across "Christian Dior" roses! Apparently these fragrant red roses (named for the original Christian Dior), debuted in the 1950's. Of course I promptly bought all in stock and will be planting these beauties in my ever growing rose garden!


Monday, March 21, 2011

The Palest Pink Pierrot-ette..Rococo Photo Shoot du Jour!

Dear Friends,
Here are two new images from the Rococo photo shoot I just finished.

credits are as follows:

model: Miss Anna Boman
mua, couture, styling, photography, hair: Kathleen Marie

These images will be available as prints in the coming months,
as well as the wig style and the one of a kind corset and French lace gown.
( all available at www.AntoinettesAtelier.com)

More photos still to come!

Enchanted Evenings,
K. Marie

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fine Art Fashion Prints Are Available! First set Special Edition!

Dear Friends,

FINALLY! I have prints available of one of my photo shoots!

The first edition is "Miss Aprella 'Lacroix et la Pompadour', a
loving tribute to one of my favourite french couture designers,
Christian Lacroix, and also to 18th century luminary, Madame de Pompadour.

The first five prints are being sold as a 'Special Edition' complete
with a Rococo hand painted frame in your choice of two colours.
( frame available is not the one pictured here).
The image is roughly 8x10, the frame, 9 x12.

These prints are printed using the finest printing process for fine art replication;
the giclee process. The inks are outstanding and archival, the paper
is equally as outstanding, being Somerset Velvet stock.

LIMITED availability..

Miss Aprella is Available Here.



Saturday, March 12, 2011

Haute Rococo du jour photo shoot, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available!.. coming soon!

Dear Friends,

My absence from my blog, and also my email list is really quite sincere!
I promise!

I have been working on a gown that rivals all at the ball,
as well as a new Rococo Marie Antoinette photo shoot..

Just a few more days and soon things will start being revealed!
But as a bit of a chineur...
My concept sketches for the shoot..

Until Soon,


Monday, February 28, 2011

Kathleen Marie Couture Article at Fangirtastic..

Dear Friends,

I have just been alerted to an article on my work..Although it is a bit old,
it is still relevant to my art!

Please enjoy it here: Kathleen Marie Couture.

Enjoy your evening!

Kathleen Marie

Monday, February 14, 2011

Venice Carnival! 18th Century Wigs and Couture Costumes off to Italy!!

Dear Friends,

It is that gorgeously ornate time of the year... Almost time for Carnivale ( carneval, carnevale however you wish to spell it..) in Venice, Italy.

I am so fortunate to have several customers from the United states and Europe
waltzing around the grand balls in Venice in my work.

The beautiful photograph above is courtesy of a lovely customer. She is wearing a custom 18th century Rococo powdered wig by Antoinette's Atelier NY.
Photo by David Rose, model: Ariel

It reminds me of one of my major goals for this year.. To get some ballgowns
out there for sale. After working in the NYC garment center for almost a decade,
I have some of the MOST beautiful fabrics and trims.. and now that I have
a bigger and better studio space, I can build more costumes and gowns.

I hope to be able to go to Venice in 2012.. Here's to 18th century inspired gowns and gorgeousness!

Kathleen Marie

Friday, February 4, 2011

Couture Fashion Doll *Prima* by Kathleen Marie Couture

Dear Friends,

Although she is still a w.i.p. ( work in progress) I wanted
to share her with you.

She is my first couture fashion doll overhaul,( at 16" tall) and I
think she has turned out rather nicely.

She has been totally repainted,
although I do need to shade her a bit more..

Her gown is lined and complete with a petticoat,
It reminds me a bit of a black silk taffeta confection,
a Dior Haute Couture gown named
"Maria Theresa" from the Anglomania Exhibit at the Met,
a few years back. I may have to recreate that gown
in 1/4 scale someday. It is magnificent!!

((She is formerly a Gene Marshall by Mel Odom doll.
I have no affiliation with the company.))

I anticipate she should be ready to purchase by mid-late february.
If you sign up for mymailing list, you will know first whether she will be an auction, or go up in my store...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Original Haute Hand Painted Mannequins...

Dear Friends,

I have finished the last 2 mannequins left in stock! They are available now
via Her Dark Heart, by
Kathleen Marie

Both are original and one of a kind. The professionally styled wigs are included.
These are absolutely gorgeous for those of you that need display pieces! ( For a boutique, photographing your hats/jewelry) etc.

Please see the item descriptions for more details!

I personally LOVE "La Patra",( see above) who is inspired by the tres fashionable British singer
Pete Burns ( of Dead or Alive). Pete has been a huge inspiration to me
throughout my life..( his uncompromising style, talent, and originality)!

So. when planning the styling of the mannequin
and resculpting the features) I thought of him... Hurry and buy it now! I may change my mind on selling it!

Cheers to Inspiration!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Le Embrassade, a new accoutrement available now!

Dear Friends,

I have just posted new photographs of a new design for Antoinette's Atelier.
Introducing "Le Embrassade" ( 'the embrace' in french).

It is a feather boa style wrap, with out the feathers! Several yards of organza are used, along with various trims ( these in particular are hand dyed and beaded) and beaded tassels adorn each end.

They are all one of a kind, and can be ordered in several colours,
at your inquiry.
They can be ordered here:Le Embrassade

On to a lovely evening!