Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kathleen Marie Couture for Antoinette's Atelier at the Dances of Vice "Swan Lake Masquerade Ball" April 30, 2010 NYC

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to officially announce my participation in the Dances of Vice event
"The Swan Lake Masquerade Ball"
on Friday, April 30, 2010 at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn NYC.

I will be presenting a small, yet lovely,
ballet vignette representing the "Dying Black Swan"
or more appropriately in french "le cygne de morte noir".
There will be some lovely ballet costumes and some beautiful wigs and
pretty, prettier, prettiest models involved!

Including the amazingly talented
JeniViva of Mystical Hips Bellydance,a gothic belly dance troupe,
Fashion Model and Muse to Most if not All Artists of Note:Aprella,
The Beautiful Burlesque Beauty Pandora,
And last but not least, in-house model and muse, androgyne extraordinaire Falon.

Please come and dress exceptionally!

The other performers are also quite noteworthy, including live harpsichord music
from Mistress of Harpsichord,
a ballet from Company XIV, a baroque dance troupe,
and Opera from some lovely ladies "The Charities Baroque Trio".

I have much work to do! Forgive me if I don't update as I should!

Here's to making Christian Lacroix proud!

K. Marie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

La Presley, My BLACK Rococo Wig..

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased with how my "La Reine" rococo wig in BLACK turned out!
I have been wanting to do a black one for a long time, and here she is!!
She is named La Presley, after Priscilla Presley ( and her amazing style and gorgeous hair in the 60's, whilst married to Elvis.)

This is going to a lovely burlesque artist Miss in London U.K.

I also finished a burgundy red "la Reine" rococo wig with a ship!
Actually it's a pirate ship and black tulle waves amidst the curls..
I named her "la black pearl!"

Antoinette's Atelier may be booked for a small vignette at the Dances of Vice
Dances of Vice "Swan Lake Masquerade Ball", April 30th..

I am waiting on a few confirmations... and then I will officially announce it,
but the brainstorming (and minor panicking) has begun!!

Promising more beautiful things to come!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Versailles Style Finery, also Portrait Noir

Dear Friends,

Alas, it has been over a week since my last post. I assure you though, I have been more than adequately busy..
I have prepared some Versailles Style Gorgeousness for a boutique display in Turkey,
as well as a lovely pink Confection for a lovely lady in St. Augustine Florida.

I am looking forward to creating a beautiful black powdered wig for a burlesque diva in the U.K., and having yet another powdered confection to be photographed for a cosmetics launch in Australia! ( land of the Koalas!)

I admit to being a bit behind on my Wonderland dolls.. I wasn't quite expecting my custom orders to pick up as they have. ( I am delighted! however..)

I am also planning some amazing things for the end of the year.. including more lavish photo shoots, some Rococo inspired and some a bit darker ( because my lifelong love affair with la melancholie never, apparently, ends.)

I have finally received my new camera, so my photographs should be better quality..

The bottom two photographic illustrations are images for my website that is at work as we speak. Model is Falon.. photography, styling, hair, etc. etc. etc. is by me.
I wanted to photograph a new urban '18th century' style wig, that turned into a
very wonderful " holiday into an unknown additate" to quote Lene Lovich.
Keeping the darkness at bay, at least for now...