Sunday, January 31, 2010

The 'Orlando' Photo Shoot.. plus work on Wonderland Dolls.!

Dear Friends,

Sunday nights seem ideal for my blog updates; I have rested and relaxed enough to report on the weeks' activities. ( With the help of a little French Rose' wine..

Firstly, I would like to present the gorgeous shoot I directed and shot with
model Falon.

Falon is not only one of my best friends, but also somewhat of a legend in NYC nightclub circles. She is well known for her gorgeous androgenyous model-esque appearance, elaborate costuming, (which I have the pleasure to help with),and method go-go performances. She is also an amazing web designer and graphic artist.
Her site is here...F A L O N . C O M
We had a lovely time together, and produced some sincerely beautiful shots.

I wanted to showcase some of my 18th century wigs on a real human instead
of my 'Antoinette' mannequin head.

So I decide to wear all the hats! MUA, wardrobe stylist/ designer, hair/wig stylist, lighting designer.. and...

The shoot turned out quite lovely! I wield a camera nicely!, and
I am currently studying some photography books on how to make my photographs even better ( including buying a digital slr with Uncle Sam's tax kickback this year).

Of course, my little assistant Pooh B. ( Pookie Bear officially) was nearby to assist
with the styling! ( see photo below)

I have picked back up on the Alice in Wonderland dolls after a little 'Haute Couture doll' break. I will be completely documenting the costume process of the Queen of Hearts doll starting this week..

I look forward to another week of creative costuming, and working on my Haute Couture Wonderland.

K. Marie

Monday, January 25, 2010

Light Pink Marie Antoinette style wigs? Yes, I make those too!

Dear Friends,

Maybe because Valentine's day coming up,
my pink "La Reine' style wig has been receiving quite a bit of attention!

From blogs to etsy treasury's..!

The lovely buyer of the Original Pink La Reine Wig ( yes, with the glitter peacock)
is a Vintage Styled Fashion Label,
called "Boudoir Queen"..!
They remake/re-use vintage fabrics and dress remnants into "altered" couture,
and interesting accoutrements.
The following pictures are courtesy of Miss Dawn's store on Etsy
which you can visit here:
The styling in the photos is lovely!
Wish I had been there to help a little with addressing the wig,
but the disheveled look is SO complimentary to the 'boudoir' photos!

Thank You Dawn for your patronage!

I have also made another custom Pink La Reine Wig for a client in Germany;
(see the first set of photos on the 'Antoinette' Mannequin).
It is now my current style of "La Reine" wigs,..It has a bit more hair in the
pony tail, double curled sides, and is coated with lacquer instead
of just hairspray for more hold and staying power!

And my 'House Of Bourbon' wig is being featured on a french blog about Marie Antoinette...

Whew! I am almost done with the wig styling cap.. Wishing for more time
to work on the dolls....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gene, A Fashion Doll Make-Over Part One

Dear Friends,

I have finally gotten to the re-rooting process of replacing
the hair on two of the Gene Marshall dolls I repainted over Christmas.
Although they are not done being repainted, I just wanted to start the hair process,
because it is said to be time consuming.

One doll ( see above, blonde/pink) I have re-rooted using Saran hair ( which I don't like AT ALL because it is oily and shiny. It comes in really amazing colours though!).
Her hair has been nicely curled.

The second , I have rerooted with kanekelon ( spelling is so wrong there), which looks better ( less shiny) a bit less expensive, but thicker and a bit stiffer.( see below "white" hair). I have yet to curl her hair, the test roller came out frizzy.
I hope to have her visit the salon soon, though.

On re-rooting.. It takes forever! I am better at it now, having done it twice, but it takes a LONG time. The end result is very much worth it, as it becomes more customized.

Let's let the pictures talk.. Miss-Lawrence-Welk-Hair-Doll needs her eyelashes. her profile is too flat. Otherwise.. They are looking pretty good for my first attempts.

*I am in no way affiliated with Gene Marshall Dolls or Ashton Drake Galleries,
I am on a journey to create my unique vision in more mediums!*

ps I can't wait for my tax returns, I am buying a new digital camera!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yet another 18th century wig on ebay! One of A Kind and the best one yet!

Dear Friends,

My newest creation...I have released to auction on ebay.
The auction ends January 23 ( Saturday).

Here is the auction..

This is one of the best wigs yet.. as the base is
very high quality synthetic hair that looks amazingly real.
This was a special purchase, and we will never offer this colour
again, so be sure to bid!

Have a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

From Rococo to Revolution....

Francois Boucher- "Sunrise" 1700's French School

Dear Friends,

Last week saw the closing of the Morgan Library and Museum exhibit, "Rococo to Revolution, Drawings from 18th Century France".

I had the privilege of going on a quiet Friday evening, and was quite excited! I have never been to the Morgan before! Let me first say that the house next to the Morgan Library is unbelievable. I wish I had taken a picture. It is awe inspiring, especially at night. Beaux Arts style and just layer upon layer of gorgeousness.

As per Library rules no photgraphs allowed. A shame, but I took notes and made comments.. Here is my essay on the exhibit.

The exhibit was fairly small, around 30 works, most very fairly small.
( around 8 1/2" x 11"). One of the largest and most impressive pieces was a pastel portrait by Jean Baptiste Perronneau entitled "Portrait of a Man" 1756.

This was one of the largest pieces ( approx. 18 x 27 ") and one of the only pieces with in a full colour spectrum. The pieces was still framed in its original gold gilt frame with large ornate gilt bow on top.

Perroneau's mastery with pastels and colouring is quite exceptional. This is 'photo-realism' at it's best. Bear in mind, they did not use photographs 250 years ago! All the portraits were done in sittings with the actual person!

I was humbled by this portrait, and so many of the other pieces shown! There is such a vast difference in quality and competency betweeen masters of the 18th century and today's artists.

The biggest difference? The sense of awe and magic.

Which also means No- You-Can't-Make-This-In-An-Afternoon!

You must practice sincerely for a decade at least to reach even a level of partial competency on a similar level as Fragonard and Boucher!

Other notable pieces ( they were all so beautiful!):

Nicholas Lancret- "Studies of Two Men" black crayon on toned paper
line quality and contours were expresssive, confident and very lovely.

Boucher!!- Design for a Frontispiece
gray and brown wash, watercolour , pen and ink

This was unbelievable. The amount of detail was astounding for such a small area ( around 11 x 17?" Think flourish frames with cherubs outlining a central point
( like a frame almost)

All the little studies of trois crayons were
charming. Apparently it was de rigeur to use this method for studies after Reubens'
example. Sepia red, black and white crayon colours were used.

Jean- Honore Fragonard- "Landscape with Flocks and Trees "
brush and brown wash approx. 11 x 8 1/2"

This was more like a monochromatic watercolour rendering. Thou are magnificent at painting trees Monsieur Fragonard! Tres Magnifique!! The levels of depth on his Tree, and little tiny brush strokes of each leave.. He became known for a 'pointilism' technique that enabled him to attain such superb detail and depth .

-Jean-Francois-Therese Chalgrin "Le Salle des Machines Palais des Tuileries" 1778
brown wash w/ pen and ink? unsure but remember no colour

Gorgeous detail of one of the largest theatres in France. The stage at Le Salle des Machines was apparently one of the largest ever built.

The costumes of the ladies were very detailed here, I noted the habit of Polonaise style gowns here, with the turned up skirts.. The ceiling is rendered incredibly high and positively dripping with ornamentation! Imagine the illumination in the evening with all the chandelier candles highlighting the gold relief work?
Like a sparkling fairy tale.

The Tuileries Palace was burnt down from a fire in the 1870's. (The result of an an uprising of the Paris Commune.)

Watteau- several studies of girls, trois crayon on toned paper
His sketching ability is amazing, I love his line quality.
"Studies of head/Shoulders of a Girl"
particularly was wonderful, even as an over study on a partially rendered very faint
study of legs!
Her eyes and nose were exquisite and beautifully defined.

This was a study for a finished painting of "The Music Lesson" 1719

In Closing;
I hope in my lifetime, a resurgence of talent, honest dedication to skill and refinement; and passion for greatness will emerge, enlighten, and enliven all of our lives. Mediocrity is surely killing our society.. and our potential!

Portrait of Marquise De Pompadour by Francois Boucher french 1700's

Monday, January 4, 2010

How I Spent My 2009 Summer Vacation in the Winter By Kathleen Marie.

Dear Friends,

Elementary school never really goes away. Even when you are supposedly an
'adult'. In the spirit of accountability, or sharing, whichever you prefer, this is what I did:

I beheaded dolls! ( and they are not cheap Barbies either!)
I even removed their make-up!
I painted( well, repainted) their faces! ( on vinyl as opposed to porcelain.)

And I learned a lot!( courtesy of a lovely e-bay doll store lady named Ann!)

I am slowly transitioning into the doll world, it seems.
The more I research I do, the more akin to my tastes it seems to be.

The dolls I am starting with are older Gene Marshall dolls ( by Mel Odom) from the Ashton-Drake Galleries.
For experimental purposes, she isn't SO expensive to totally screw up.

These are 16" fashion dolls for adult collectors;( if you have never heard of her before). There are several different kinds of vinyl fashion dolls available, some are unbelievably expensive as well.(upwards of $700 dollars!)

I love the fact I have complete creative control over every aspect of the
form, from hair to make-up to costume and shoes. It is delightful, and fits
with my design ethics.

I feel I can also realize designs that I just cannot afford to create for a human size
person. I think ultimately I will sculpt and make my own haute couture dolls, but right now I am trying it out to see how well I like it. So far I LOVE it...

It is a very exciting time for me.. I am trying to get back to the Wonderland dolls, but it is proving somewhat difficult! ( wish me luck!)

ps. I am also in need of a new digital camera! I apologize in advance for the photos!