Monday, January 4, 2010

How I Spent My 2009 Summer Vacation in the Winter By Kathleen Marie.

Dear Friends,

Elementary school never really goes away. Even when you are supposedly an
'adult'. In the spirit of accountability, or sharing, whichever you prefer, this is what I did:

I beheaded dolls! ( and they are not cheap Barbies either!)
I even removed their make-up!
I painted( well, repainted) their faces! ( on vinyl as opposed to porcelain.)

And I learned a lot!( courtesy of a lovely e-bay doll store lady named Ann!)

I am slowly transitioning into the doll world, it seems.
The more I research I do, the more akin to my tastes it seems to be.

The dolls I am starting with are older Gene Marshall dolls ( by Mel Odom) from the Ashton-Drake Galleries.
For experimental purposes, she isn't SO expensive to totally screw up.

These are 16" fashion dolls for adult collectors;( if you have never heard of her before). There are several different kinds of vinyl fashion dolls available, some are unbelievably expensive as well.(upwards of $700 dollars!)

I love the fact I have complete creative control over every aspect of the
form, from hair to make-up to costume and shoes. It is delightful, and fits
with my design ethics.

I feel I can also realize designs that I just cannot afford to create for a human size
person. I think ultimately I will sculpt and make my own haute couture dolls, but right now I am trying it out to see how well I like it. So far I LOVE it...

It is a very exciting time for me.. I am trying to get back to the Wonderland dolls, but it is proving somewhat difficult! ( wish me luck!)

ps. I am also in need of a new digital camera! I apologize in advance for the photos!


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  1. Doll abuse!!! Last I knew of a head "pop off" was in Grade School. I am sure she understood it was to make her better.