Monday, June 13, 2011

Rococo Couture! New! One of A Kind Designer Corset Gowns from Kathleen Marie Couture!

Dear Friends,

I have released 3 new gowns as of late.. All appearing in the Antoinette's Atelier Etsy store..

The Fleur De Lys:

A stunning antique gold damask corset gown with festoons of tulle and velvet ribbons!

The Red Velvet Pouff:

A beautiful corset style gown with bustle back,
made from'taffeta changeant' with hints of plum and dusty pink,
antique red velvet ribbons, and red velvet bow.

The Rococo Pierrot:

Another corset style gown with a tulle bustle back,
made from 'taffeta changeant' with hints of taupe and dusty pink,
antique style black and pink Chantilly lace with a Rococo pattern,
dusty pink ribbons abound the lace up back.

Remember, these corset gowns are all handmade, One Of A Kind, and completely original and unique!
Vive Le Rococo Couture!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Rococo Wig! Spring Cleaning with Kathleen Marie!

Dear Friends,

Every once in a while I put wigs on ebay.. As I clean out the studio, and get stock
ready for fall and Halloween orders...

So, guess what...?

An auction for a "La Devonshire" powdered wig on Ebay!
These normally sell for $399.95, but the auction is started
at less than half that!
The Auction is Here!

Hurry, it's only up for a few more days!
( please note, mini tricorn hat not included, but can be made custom)

Good Luck!