Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kathleen Marie Couture .com is Live! New Blog Coming Soon!

Dear Friends,

Finally, My new and improved site is live!
Please check out
I anticipate moving my blog over to that site soon...
I will keep you posted...

Check out a new article about me and my art here at
EGL magazine..Kathleen Marie Couture

Enjoy the coming spring!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pop Portraits.. Haute Art of Pete Burns, 80's music and Fashion Icon! Original available NOW!

Dear Friends, I just recently finished a few paintings... teaching myself acrylics and colour mixing! Hoping to graduate to oils again, but they are soooooo expensive to play with...! I will be releasing new paintings this year to help pay for supplies and a class or two. Please help support the arts and buy some prints or an original painting! Your patronage is much appreciated!! Available for auction on EBAY HERE! Inspired by one of my inspirations, Pete Burns of Dead or Alive... I decided to paint a portrait of him... "rebel rebel" is 30" x 42" framed with a gorgeous black and burgundy distressed baroque frame. mixed media ( mostly acrylics) on linen portrait canvas mounted on board.
I will be releasing a few more pop portraits to practice my skills.. Contact me if you are interested in a particular pop or movie star... Here's to a Lovely New Year!! xxx KM

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spectra Vondergeist, Monster High Kathleen Marie Couture Style!

Dear Friends, Ahhh winter. I am not ready for your chilled kiss...!
Although I am am rather pleased at the New Year. The past two months have been very difficult;
I am suffering through the tragic loss of a very dear friend and muse. I apologize for not updating here as I ought.

I will post a loving memorial soon, but not too soon.

In Other News: As an on going theme in my world, every Christmas break, I work on doll projects a bit... My resolution this year is to have a body of doll work done...(aside from all the custom hand painted mannequins....)
Right now I am working ( read experimenting) on some of the wildly popular "Monster High Dolls". Proof is in the pictures.... Here is a shot of Miss Spectra Vondergeist!! She is waiting for her new Spooktacular Couture! ** UPDATE!! Spectra is being re-done at the moment...** Stay Tuned... She's not quite done yet....
I will be doing 2 more positively....And then maybe more, or maybe nevermore. Interested in acquiring them? email me.. Email ME!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tea and Strumpets.. New art from Kathleen Marie!

Dear Friends, Blissfully (and rather furiously), I am getting all the paintings and prints ready for my gallery exhibit! I am one of those people that gets an incredible amount of work done under pressure. Inspired by Victorian Morals, French Poetry, and Pop Culture Fashion.. These lovely ladies are waiting for their frames..: I am so thrilled to announce a solo exhibit of my work in upstate NY..!! Please join me if you will be in the area.. Opening Reception, Saturday November 19, 2011 6-10 pm Artist will be in attendance, refreshments will be served. Darkside Records and Gallery 782 Main St. Poughkeepsie NY 12601 (845) 452-8010 Here is the announcement! I will be doing some limited edition fine art prints from these original paintings, so stay posted. ( or better yet, join my mailing list.. hint hint! ( here)!) Thank you for your continued support xoxoox Kathleen Marie

Friday, November 4, 2011

NYC Comic Con 2011

Dear Friends, In the eve of a nearing mini art show of my illustrations and paintings, I had the sublime pleasure of meeting one of my artistic Heroines; Olivia de Berardinis. Me( left) and Olivia (right)
I never had any formal drawing classes, ( until college!) but taught myself from 2 figure drawing books my Mom bought me at Michaels arts and crafts. Those books were excepts from Andrew Loomis' famous Figure Drawing book(s).In high school I spent most of my time drawing elaborately costumed people, and situations. I will always consider it my first love....

Growing up in the 90's, Olivia's Bettie Page illustrations were gorgeous, and elusive! I remember seeing them at alternative record stores and boutiques around the west coast. My complaint.. they were so SMALL. Only greeting card size...I wanted a full poster!
I received one of her first books, "Let them eat Cheesecake" as a gift. It has served as my biblical reference for fantastical figurative drawing, along with books by Andrew Loomis. Both are masters of the female form, and represent an unparelled reality that is more beautiful than anything you can imagine. I adore how both these artists have an intuitive sense of beauty, grace, and harmony that is absolutely flawless. They exaggerate reality, and make it even more beautiful and sublime/

NYC has Comic Con every year.. this is first year I have gone. I had a lovely time! I even bought the re-issued "Drawing the head and Hands" by Loomis, and ( of course) Olivia's new book "Malibu Cheesecake" as souvenirs! I've enclosed some highlights...Keep in mind, I don't watch TV, so some of this is totally alien to me. #1- The best couple is: This sweet girl and her Prince Charming. They were so cute.
#2- The Haz Mat team. Pretty awesome to see this. They look serious. Seriously.
#3-Just Dance. There were a few of these sound stages. And all sorts of folks dancing on them whilst watching a screen that tells you what to do. ( like simon says, sort of.) It made me laugh hysterically! I saw the Joker bust a MC Hammer move, which blew my mind. Thank you Thank you Thank you Mr. Inventor of this. I couldn't stop smiling. Everyone was having a great time making an ass out of themselves. ( ps Alice-in-Wonderland-blue-long-dress girl did a fab job too!)
#4 WTF. Not sure. Creepy. Gargantuan yellow inflatable with no pupils. Wierd 2 year old toddler in a bunny suit with fangs bursting out of it's head ala Alien style. Strange unicorn shape morphing out of its side. Really really wierd. And a large line waiting for it, by it, near it....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Interview with Kathleen Marie Couture

Dear Friends, I thought you might enjoy this... A few weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to be a featured artist
at Art Alive Astoria. ( in Astoria Queens, NYC).

I had a lovely lovely time..

Here's a link to one of the interviews I granted that evening..
k a t h l e e n m a r i e !

Sublime Fanciness Prevails!
Kathleen Marie

Monday, October 3, 2011

Couture Fashion Portraits.. Second Set Available!

Dear Friends... The Second and final set of the "Beautiful and Damned Collection is available now.. For a limited time, purchase 4 prints and get the 5th print free!! CLICK HERE FOR PRINTS!