Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Queen of Hearts Couture Costume Wig: inspired by Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland!

"God Save the Queen!" Red shoot
Model: Falon
hair-clothing-styling-photos by Kathleen Marie
©2010 Kathleen Marie Couture/Antoinette's Atelier

Dear Friends!

Amidst the boxes and packing, I have found time, no, MADE time
for a photo shoot. I am feeling really edgy/nervous packing up my studio,
so this was a bit of respite for me.

This is the new Red Queen Wig, "La Helena" or the Queen of Hearts Wig inspired by Tim Burton's version of "Alice in Wonderland". The back of the wig has a wonderful
heart shape to it. This wig is available exclusively through Antoinette's Atelier.

Please enjoy, and I hope to get this whole moving thing, and unpacking thing
over and over by October.


Ps: the Bottom two pictures are of the "Dutchess of Ravenswood"
Special Edition Rococo Powdered Wig,
one of a kind and available exclusively
through the etsy Antoinette's Atelier store!