Friday, December 31, 2010

New Fashion Doll Repaints..Works in Progress!

Dear Friends,

Some new work! I have been working on repainting more fashion dolls, during my holiday
break. ( I did this last year too!?) It's time to get this show moving,
and here we go...!
A few are going to private collections, a few are going up on ebay,
and a few are going into 18th century high style, and into Antoinette's Atelier.

For those of you that have no idea about these particular dolls:

These are 16" ( Barbie is only 12", mind you), vinyl articulated fashion dolls.
They are mostly marketed towards adult collectors, as their price points are
quite high.
As a repainted doll, all factory applied face paint is removed, and repainted by the
artist. A talented artist can create a face/ likeness that is much more dimensional
and dynamic that a screen painted factory stencil.

Thus, what you are buying is a miniature one-of-a-kind painting or work of art.

I am in the beginning stages of planning for a new show in July..I will give you more details later...!

PS.. I have to admit to not being NEARLY as interesting the the Paris Couture shows
after the loss of Alexander McQueen, and Christian LaCroix's closure.
Although I do love John Galliano and Christian Dior, I was quite surprised at last season's incredible scale down on the couture shows! Even Dior's gorgeous pagentry was
really shockingly scaled back. It is sad to see such a beautiful and rare institution slowly reach its demise. ( I could go on and on about this..)

The good news? I hope to try to reflect and nurture similar grandiose
visions on a smaller scale... With Fashion Dolls....

Here's to a Beautiful New YEAR!


Monday, November 15, 2010

On Copyright Infringment, and the Rights of Artists!

Dear Friends,

It has recently come to my attention my images have been/ are being stolen
and used for personal gain. ( Including changing my watermark).....

If imitation is said to be flattering, what is blatant stealing? Punishable by DEATH

Please know that all of the images posted here on my blog, on my websites,
and on are almost all my exclusive copyright. ( If there is another photographer involved, they are credited.)

I will take legal action against the guilty parties, and please, if you see ANYONE
using my images ( in any form), PLEASE let me know.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the few who have kindly alerted me to the issue, and
are helping me resolve the problem...

I am still settling my new studio, and starting to work on some new work...
I will be posting again soon!

Have a lovely evening!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

La Aprella! Couture Photo shoot with Aprella!

Dear Friends,

On the eve of my switching studios, I have to keep creative! Packing up all my painting and sewing supplies have really made me a bit anxious and distressed.

So.. time for a new photo shoot!

Fashion Modelle: the sublimely beautiful Aprella!
La Maquillage:the talented Sequinette Jaynesfield

Vintage "La Croix" style hat( pictures above), and costume jewelry courtesy
of Laché et Occupé, NYC, Vintage clothing, and accoutrements, NYC.
For purchase details, please contact

All couture, wigs, styling and photography by Kathleen Marie Couture

And a New wig style! The "La Aprella" wig is a Gorgeous pink Marie Antoinette
style powdered wig, complete with ornate black wrought iron birdcage and bird!
I have named it after one of my favourite models, Aprella!

This wig is a limited edition of 10, birds are limited to styles on hand and may be different than the one pictured. Please see my etsy store for more details.

As Ever,

Thank You all for your patronage and support!



Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Queen of Hearts Couture Costume Wig: inspired by Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland!

"God Save the Queen!" Red shoot
Model: Falon
hair-clothing-styling-photos by Kathleen Marie
©2010 Kathleen Marie Couture/Antoinette's Atelier

Dear Friends!

Amidst the boxes and packing, I have found time, no, MADE time
for a photo shoot. I am feeling really edgy/nervous packing up my studio,
so this was a bit of respite for me.

This is the new Red Queen Wig, "La Helena" or the Queen of Hearts Wig inspired by Tim Burton's version of "Alice in Wonderland". The back of the wig has a wonderful
heart shape to it. This wig is available exclusively through Antoinette's Atelier.

Please enjoy, and I hope to get this whole moving thing, and unpacking thing
over and over by October.


Ps: the Bottom two pictures are of the "Dutchess of Ravenswood"
Special Edition Rococo Powdered Wig,
one of a kind and available exclusively
through the etsy Antoinette's Atelier store!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Couture Queen of Hearts Red Wig, New Rococo Pink Powdered Wig Style...

(above "La Helena" Queen of Hearts Red Couture Wig)

Dear Friends,

I am in the midst of packing up the studio, so forgive me for neglecting my blog..

I have just finished two more wig styles, just in time for the Halloween season!

One is inspired by Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland", specifically

Helena Bonham Carter's "Queen of Hearts" Character!

Hopefully by Mid September I will be back up and sewing, and I hope more

clothing and costume items to come! I have so many amazing ideas!



Below: 'Le Marlene' Pink Powdered Rococo Style Wig

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 is up, One of a Kind Porcelain Dolls are now for sale!

Dear Friends,

Please visit
to see the dolls I have been working on! They are now up for sale.

I have just listed these two, Chantilly and Orson.

They had their photoshoot together last night, when Orson arrived from

A Huge thank you to Teddy Bear Artist Michelle Mutschler for making Orson as special as he is!

Rumour has it I am moving.. and it is probably true....

So if I get REALLY far behind here, I am moving into a lovely Victorian House (finally
out of NYC and all the cramped apartments!)
and setting up my studio again.

I will let you all know for sure.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Chantilly and Orson, New Dolls (Almost)released at!

Dear Friends,

I apologize for such a lag in correspondence. I have been painting, and
slowly gathering momentum for new projects.

I have finished a new wig style that is available in Antoinette's Atelier,
and I am slowly launching my collection of little
Gothy Victorian Porcelain Dolls that are all One of a Kind and Hand Painted.

Please for
all announcements and the link to the store.

I would like to share a sneak preview of Chantilly, who will be released within the next 2 weeks. I have decided on a companion for her, and found the work of
Michelle Mutschler,
who has been a teddy bear artist for 19 years ( and is self taught, like the rest and best of us!). Her and I will be working together in the future for more custom companions,lovely little bears and dolls!

"Orson" will be Chantilly's new best friend through out the world and here are some little sneak pics of them both!



PS. I am MOVING into a beautiful Victorian Home in upstate NY in the next 2 months...
Please support my studio moving sale!

Please pardon my updates if they don't happen... It's for the greater good!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Photos from the Swan Lake Masquerade Ball

Dear Friends,

I have been taking a little break, as of late; letting my hands heal a bit from all the handsewing I did for the Masquerade Ball Vignette for Dances of Vice!

I have been painting ( yes, oil painting!) which is something I have been wanting to
get back to, for oh around 10 years now...( more on that later)

Miss Jeniviva's ("The Dying Swan") tulle and ostrich feather skirt took about 50-60 yards of black tulle to make. It was hand draped too, mind you!

With out further ado.. here are the pictures courtesy of
Michael G William


"Le Cygne de Morte Noir" or "The Dying Black Swan":
all costumes-styling-wigs etc..
by Kathleen Marie Couture for Antoinette's Atelier

Miss JeniViva
Miss Aprella
Miss Pandora
Chevaliere Falon

Special Thanks to-

Shien Lee and DOV,
for providing the event, venue and sweetness.

Sarah Hoit! For the bottle of wine and the handsewing help and
moral support! You are the best assistant EVER!

My models, who personify the dream and inspiration and make it a reality..

And to
Falon, Pookie and Lulu,
without whom..... .

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Rococo Photo Shoot: The Look of Love Part 1 and 2!

Dear Friends,

I admit I am a bit behind..
The Dances Of Vice "Swan Lake Masquerade Ball"
was this past weekend at Galapagos Art Space here in NYC.

I didn't get much sleep beforehand, as I was working on the small vignette
I presented "Le Cygne de Morte Noir", or "The Dying Black Swan".

I just received some photographs , and they are lovely indeed!!
But I must catch up and
present the lovely images from a shoot I took in the middle of April.

Without further ado; here is the Look of Love parts One and Two!

Model is: Anna
All clothing-makeup-styling-photos by Kathleen Marie



Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Exquisite Portraiture, and To Italy with Love..

Dear Friends,

I am awash in corset pieces, pink taffeta and striped ruffles,
due to the little vignette I shall be doing at the
Dances Of Vice 'Swan Lake
Masquerade Ball'
, but alas, I realize I have not posted several new works!

I had the pleasure of using my new camera yet again for a new couture hairstyle,
the "la Margaux" wig..

It is 18th century and Kabuki theatre inspired.
The lovely statuesque Falon ( or Falonne to some) is modeling the famous "La Conciergerie"
( or prision) dress from the "Sacre Coeur Couture" show of 2008.

A friend made the comment that it 'reminded him of John Singer Sargent", which
made me incredibly humbled and happy. Singer Sargent is one of my Favourite

I also had to pleasure to finish a commission for a lovely Miss in Italy who
is a Baroque re-enactor. The "De Lamballe " style in black, with white powder,
my choice of hair decor ( with her palette) and a custom Louis XIV cameo choker.

I will be releasing the choker design in other colours in early summer.

I have had the pleasure of another exceptional photo shoot as of this past weekend,
which I will be posting shortly.

Cheers to beautiful things!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kathleen Marie Couture for Antoinette's Atelier at the Dances of Vice "Swan Lake Masquerade Ball" April 30, 2010 NYC

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to officially announce my participation in the Dances of Vice event
"The Swan Lake Masquerade Ball"
on Friday, April 30, 2010 at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn NYC.

I will be presenting a small, yet lovely,
ballet vignette representing the "Dying Black Swan"
or more appropriately in french "le cygne de morte noir".
There will be some lovely ballet costumes and some beautiful wigs and
pretty, prettier, prettiest models involved!

Including the amazingly talented
JeniViva of Mystical Hips Bellydance,a gothic belly dance troupe,
Fashion Model and Muse to Most if not All Artists of Note:Aprella,
The Beautiful Burlesque Beauty Pandora,
And last but not least, in-house model and muse, androgyne extraordinaire Falon.

Please come and dress exceptionally!

The other performers are also quite noteworthy, including live harpsichord music
from Mistress of Harpsichord,
a ballet from Company XIV, a baroque dance troupe,
and Opera from some lovely ladies "The Charities Baroque Trio".

I have much work to do! Forgive me if I don't update as I should!

Here's to making Christian Lacroix proud!

K. Marie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

La Presley, My BLACK Rococo Wig..

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased with how my "La Reine" rococo wig in BLACK turned out!
I have been wanting to do a black one for a long time, and here she is!!
She is named La Presley, after Priscilla Presley ( and her amazing style and gorgeous hair in the 60's, whilst married to Elvis.)

This is going to a lovely burlesque artist Miss in London U.K.

I also finished a burgundy red "la Reine" rococo wig with a ship!
Actually it's a pirate ship and black tulle waves amidst the curls..
I named her "la black pearl!"

Antoinette's Atelier may be booked for a small vignette at the Dances of Vice
Dances of Vice "Swan Lake Masquerade Ball", April 30th..

I am waiting on a few confirmations... and then I will officially announce it,
but the brainstorming (and minor panicking) has begun!!

Promising more beautiful things to come!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Versailles Style Finery, also Portrait Noir

Dear Friends,

Alas, it has been over a week since my last post. I assure you though, I have been more than adequately busy..
I have prepared some Versailles Style Gorgeousness for a boutique display in Turkey,
as well as a lovely pink Confection for a lovely lady in St. Augustine Florida.

I am looking forward to creating a beautiful black powdered wig for a burlesque diva in the U.K., and having yet another powdered confection to be photographed for a cosmetics launch in Australia! ( land of the Koalas!)

I admit to being a bit behind on my Wonderland dolls.. I wasn't quite expecting my custom orders to pick up as they have. ( I am delighted! however..)

I am also planning some amazing things for the end of the year.. including more lavish photo shoots, some Rococo inspired and some a bit darker ( because my lifelong love affair with la melancholie never, apparently, ends.)

I have finally received my new camera, so my photographs should be better quality..

The bottom two photographic illustrations are images for my website that is at work as we speak. Model is Falon.. photography, styling, hair, etc. etc. etc. is by me.
I wanted to photograph a new urban '18th century' style wig, that turned into a
very wonderful " holiday into an unknown additate" to quote Lene Lovich.
Keeping the darkness at bay, at least for now...