Friday, December 31, 2010

New Fashion Doll Repaints..Works in Progress!

Dear Friends,

Some new work! I have been working on repainting more fashion dolls, during my holiday
break. ( I did this last year too!?) It's time to get this show moving,
and here we go...!
A few are going to private collections, a few are going up on ebay,
and a few are going into 18th century high style, and into Antoinette's Atelier.

For those of you that have no idea about these particular dolls:

These are 16" ( Barbie is only 12", mind you), vinyl articulated fashion dolls.
They are mostly marketed towards adult collectors, as their price points are
quite high.
As a repainted doll, all factory applied face paint is removed, and repainted by the
artist. A talented artist can create a face/ likeness that is much more dimensional
and dynamic that a screen painted factory stencil.

Thus, what you are buying is a miniature one-of-a-kind painting or work of art.

I am in the beginning stages of planning for a new show in July..I will give you more details later...!

PS.. I have to admit to not being NEARLY as interesting the the Paris Couture shows
after the loss of Alexander McQueen, and Christian LaCroix's closure.
Although I do love John Galliano and Christian Dior, I was quite surprised at last season's incredible scale down on the couture shows! Even Dior's gorgeous pagentry was
really shockingly scaled back. It is sad to see such a beautiful and rare institution slowly reach its demise. ( I could go on and on about this..)

The good news? I hope to try to reflect and nurture similar grandiose
visions on a smaller scale... With Fashion Dolls....

Here's to a Beautiful New YEAR!


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