Monday, February 28, 2011

Kathleen Marie Couture Article at Fangirtastic..

Dear Friends,

I have just been alerted to an article on my work..Although it is a bit old,
it is still relevant to my art!

Please enjoy it here: Kathleen Marie Couture.

Enjoy your evening!

Kathleen Marie

Monday, February 14, 2011

Venice Carnival! 18th Century Wigs and Couture Costumes off to Italy!!

Dear Friends,

It is that gorgeously ornate time of the year... Almost time for Carnivale ( carneval, carnevale however you wish to spell it..) in Venice, Italy.

I am so fortunate to have several customers from the United states and Europe
waltzing around the grand balls in Venice in my work.

The beautiful photograph above is courtesy of a lovely customer. She is wearing a custom 18th century Rococo powdered wig by Antoinette's Atelier NY.
Photo by David Rose, model: Ariel

It reminds me of one of my major goals for this year.. To get some ballgowns
out there for sale. After working in the NYC garment center for almost a decade,
I have some of the MOST beautiful fabrics and trims.. and now that I have
a bigger and better studio space, I can build more costumes and gowns.

I hope to be able to go to Venice in 2012.. Here's to 18th century inspired gowns and gorgeousness!

Kathleen Marie

Friday, February 4, 2011

Couture Fashion Doll *Prima* by Kathleen Marie Couture

Dear Friends,

Although she is still a w.i.p. ( work in progress) I wanted
to share her with you.

She is my first couture fashion doll overhaul,( at 16" tall) and I
think she has turned out rather nicely.

She has been totally repainted,
although I do need to shade her a bit more..

Her gown is lined and complete with a petticoat,
It reminds me a bit of a black silk taffeta confection,
a Dior Haute Couture gown named
"Maria Theresa" from the Anglomania Exhibit at the Met,
a few years back. I may have to recreate that gown
in 1/4 scale someday. It is magnificent!!

((She is formerly a Gene Marshall by Mel Odom doll.
I have no affiliation with the company.))

I anticipate she should be ready to purchase by mid-late february.
If you sign up for mymailing list, you will know first whether she will be an auction, or go up in my store...