Thursday, September 2, 2010

La Aprella! Couture Photo shoot with Aprella!

Dear Friends,

On the eve of my switching studios, I have to keep creative! Packing up all my painting and sewing supplies have really made me a bit anxious and distressed.

So.. time for a new photo shoot!

Fashion Modelle: the sublimely beautiful Aprella!
La Maquillage:the talented Sequinette Jaynesfield

Vintage "La Croix" style hat( pictures above), and costume jewelry courtesy
of Laché et Occupé, NYC, Vintage clothing, and accoutrements, NYC.
For purchase details, please contact

All couture, wigs, styling and photography by Kathleen Marie Couture

And a New wig style! The "La Aprella" wig is a Gorgeous pink Marie Antoinette
style powdered wig, complete with ornate black wrought iron birdcage and bird!
I have named it after one of my favourite models, Aprella!

This wig is a limited edition of 10, birds are limited to styles on hand and may be different than the one pictured. Please see my etsy store for more details.

As Ever,

Thank You all for your patronage and support!