Friday, May 21, 2010

Photos from the Swan Lake Masquerade Ball

Dear Friends,

I have been taking a little break, as of late; letting my hands heal a bit from all the handsewing I did for the Masquerade Ball Vignette for Dances of Vice!

I have been painting ( yes, oil painting!) which is something I have been wanting to
get back to, for oh around 10 years now...( more on that later)

Miss Jeniviva's ("The Dying Swan") tulle and ostrich feather skirt took about 50-60 yards of black tulle to make. It was hand draped too, mind you!

With out further ado.. here are the pictures courtesy of
Michael G William


"Le Cygne de Morte Noir" or "The Dying Black Swan":
all costumes-styling-wigs etc..
by Kathleen Marie Couture for Antoinette's Atelier

Miss JeniViva
Miss Aprella
Miss Pandora
Chevaliere Falon

Special Thanks to-

Shien Lee and DOV,
for providing the event, venue and sweetness.

Sarah Hoit! For the bottle of wine and the handsewing help and
moral support! You are the best assistant EVER!

My models, who personify the dream and inspiration and make it a reality..

And to
Falon, Pookie and Lulu,
without whom..... .

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  1. I hope you are enjoying your well deserved rest...that tulle skirt is absolutely divine!! I only wish I had an excuse to wear something like that, even for an evening! It is truly a magnificent piece of art!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hope Ava