Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spectra Vondergeist, Monster High Kathleen Marie Couture Style!

Dear Friends, Ahhh winter. I am not ready for your chilled kiss...!
Although I am am rather pleased at the New Year. The past two months have been very difficult;
I am suffering through the tragic loss of a very dear friend and muse. I apologize for not updating here as I ought.

I will post a loving memorial soon, but not too soon.

In Other News: As an on going theme in my world, every Christmas break, I work on doll projects a bit... My resolution this year is to have a body of doll work done...(aside from all the custom hand painted mannequins....)
Right now I am working ( read experimenting) on some of the wildly popular "Monster High Dolls". Proof is in the pictures.... Here is a shot of Miss Spectra Vondergeist!! She is waiting for her new Spooktacular Couture! ** UPDATE!! Spectra is being re-done at the moment...** Stay Tuned... She's not quite done yet....
I will be doing 2 more positively....And then maybe more, or maybe nevermore. Interested in acquiring them? email me.. Email ME!

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