Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pop Portraits.. Haute Art of Pete Burns, 80's music and Fashion Icon! Original available NOW!

Dear Friends, I just recently finished a few paintings... teaching myself acrylics and colour mixing! Hoping to graduate to oils again, but they are soooooo expensive to play with...! I will be releasing new paintings this year to help pay for supplies and a class or two. Please help support the arts and buy some prints or an original painting! Your patronage is much appreciated!! Available for auction on EBAY HERE! Inspired by one of my inspirations, Pete Burns of Dead or Alive... I decided to paint a portrait of him... "rebel rebel" is 30" x 42" framed with a gorgeous black and burgundy distressed baroque frame. mixed media ( mostly acrylics) on linen portrait canvas mounted on board.
I will be releasing a few more pop portraits to practice my skills.. Contact me if you are interested in a particular pop or movie star... Here's to a Lovely New Year!! xxx KM

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