Monday, January 25, 2010

Light Pink Marie Antoinette style wigs? Yes, I make those too!

Dear Friends,

Maybe because Valentine's day coming up,
my pink "La Reine' style wig has been receiving quite a bit of attention!

From blogs to etsy treasury's..!

The lovely buyer of the Original Pink La Reine Wig ( yes, with the glitter peacock)
is a Vintage Styled Fashion Label,
called "Boudoir Queen"..!
They remake/re-use vintage fabrics and dress remnants into "altered" couture,
and interesting accoutrements.
The following pictures are courtesy of Miss Dawn's store on Etsy
which you can visit here:
The styling in the photos is lovely!
Wish I had been there to help a little with addressing the wig,
but the disheveled look is SO complimentary to the 'boudoir' photos!

Thank You Dawn for your patronage!

I have also made another custom Pink La Reine Wig for a client in Germany;
(see the first set of photos on the 'Antoinette' Mannequin).
It is now my current style of "La Reine" wigs,..It has a bit more hair in the
pony tail, double curled sides, and is coated with lacquer instead
of just hairspray for more hold and staying power!

And my 'House Of Bourbon' wig is being featured on a french blog about Marie Antoinette...

Whew! I am almost done with the wig styling cap.. Wishing for more time
to work on the dolls....

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