Sunday, January 31, 2010

The 'Orlando' Photo Shoot.. plus work on Wonderland Dolls.!

Dear Friends,

Sunday nights seem ideal for my blog updates; I have rested and relaxed enough to report on the weeks' activities. ( With the help of a little French Rose' wine..

Firstly, I would like to present the gorgeous shoot I directed and shot with
model Falon.

Falon is not only one of my best friends, but also somewhat of a legend in NYC nightclub circles. She is well known for her gorgeous androgenyous model-esque appearance, elaborate costuming, (which I have the pleasure to help with),and method go-go performances. She is also an amazing web designer and graphic artist.
Her site is here...F A L O N . C O M
We had a lovely time together, and produced some sincerely beautiful shots.

I wanted to showcase some of my 18th century wigs on a real human instead
of my 'Antoinette' mannequin head.

So I decide to wear all the hats! MUA, wardrobe stylist/ designer, hair/wig stylist, lighting designer.. and...

The shoot turned out quite lovely! I wield a camera nicely!, and
I am currently studying some photography books on how to make my photographs even better ( including buying a digital slr with Uncle Sam's tax kickback this year).

Of course, my little assistant Pooh B. ( Pookie Bear officially) was nearby to assist
with the styling! ( see photo below)

I have picked back up on the Alice in Wonderland dolls after a little 'Haute Couture doll' break. I will be completely documenting the costume process of the Queen of Hearts doll starting this week..

I look forward to another week of creative costuming, and working on my Haute Couture Wonderland.

K. Marie

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