Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Constanze; a New 18th Century Rococo Wig by Kathleen Marie

Dear Friends,

And now (drum roll please!) I present a new addition to my current
menagerie of 18th century hairstyles for the Discerning and Fashionable
Lady of Quality..

This is the Constanze, named appropriately after Constanze Mozart.
(It reminded me of the 1984 movie Amadeus scene where Constanze
visits Salieri with Mozarts manuscripts.. The colour and style is almost exact to hers
in that particular scene.)

I haven't decided if it should be powdered or not...?

This 18th century wig is a beautiful auburn brown colour,
and will be available in the next week or so; providing
all goes well. I am still working on the finishing touches.

As with all my 18th century wigs, it is available for custom order
(when not in stock) and powdered for an additional fee.

I have another "Royalist"*18th century style wig in the works as well,
which should be ready by the end of the year.

*Royalist meaning Grande style and Queen's quality..*


K Marie

*photo below courtesy of "Amadeus" 1984. An excellent costume movie and biographic of Mozart's
tragically short, but inspired life.

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