Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh, I wish I was a Rococo-oco Dandie...and New Projects for 2010 PT 1.

Dear Friends,

Yes, Once again we have a new hairstyle pour le fancie people!
This is More specifically for Fancy Dandies, or Lovely Androgynes.
It is the new 'Duke d'Orleans' wig or maybe I should name it 'The Pompadour?'..
It has a bit of Elvis in it, don't you think?!

I have put this up in my store, please note it can be special ordered in several colours to meet your preference, just inquire!

I always have so many projects going on, as my loved ones know! 2010 has to be a better year for me than 2009. After much hardship and trials I have endured 2009, so I am longing for a better year...

In late Feb/early March, I will be debuting my line of limited edition porcelain dolls. They are all One of a Kind, salvaged from vintage dolls. I have been working on these one and off for quite some time now. I am so excited for this!

In a special tribute to Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton, I will have a special Wonderland presentation! I may open them up to pre-orders, as I am not sure I can finish them all in time for March!

Think Edward Gorey's Ghastlycrumb Tinies meets Kathleen Marie's Victorian Lovelies!...
They have a bit of a gothique touches here and there, where I cannot stray too far from, that being the opposing side to all the beautiful, tinkling, pretty things...

Her Dark Heart is where my doll collection will be advertised, and linked to an etsy store of the same name.

Stay tuned as I should post pictures in progress here!

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