Monday, November 15, 2010

On Copyright Infringment, and the Rights of Artists!

Dear Friends,

It has recently come to my attention my images have been/ are being stolen
and used for personal gain. ( Including changing my watermark).....

If imitation is said to be flattering, what is blatant stealing? Punishable by DEATH

Please know that all of the images posted here on my blog, on my websites,
and on are almost all my exclusive copyright. ( If there is another photographer involved, they are credited.)

I will take legal action against the guilty parties, and please, if you see ANYONE
using my images ( in any form), PLEASE let me know.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the few who have kindly alerted me to the issue, and
are helping me resolve the problem...

I am still settling my new studio, and starting to work on some new work...
I will be posting again soon!

Have a lovely evening!